Helm ISAPI: Documentation

Helm ISAPI - it adds new functionality directly to the Helm Control Panel itself; the addon is a framework we have named "Website Extensions" which allow customers to install ISAPI filter products on their website with initial launch support for ISAPI_Rewrite, HotlinkBlocker and GeoSelect! These filters can be sold as value added services increasing your revenue whilst being able to offer more features with your web hosting service.


Installing Helm ISAPI
The Helm ISAPI installer makes installing Helm ISAPI a breeze - its fully automated, simply run it on your Helm Control Server. After each Helm update you must "reintegrate" Helm ISAPI into Helm as the Helm update normally overwrites the Helm ISAPI integration - an easy to use "two click" Integration Wizard is installed by Helm ISAPI and can be found on the Start Menu.

Configuring Helm ISAPI
After installation, there are just a couple of things that Helm ISAPI needs to know before it can get to work - simply there will be new options on the IIS service settings page (for each web server) in Helm where you can specify the local paths to the ISAPI filters.

How to use Helm ISAPI
Helm ISAPI is controlled through Helm Plan/Package Limits and Extra Features - therefore the reseller and customer must have quota before they can use one of the extensions on their websites. Other than that part, everything else should be pretty simple - QuickHelp in Helm should be used for further assistance.

All products on this website are compatible and designed for Helm version 3 only, not Helm version 4; free downloads are unsupported and are no longer actively developed.