Helm Toolbox
Helm Toolbox: Overview

Helm Toolbox is the first of its kind - aimed at Helm Administrators it provides tools and utilities to ease administration of Helm and servers. There is only one version of Helm Toolbox available and it includes all available features.


What is the Helm Toolbox?
The Helm Toolbox is a Windows based application - meaning it is installed directly on your server and used as a Windows application on your server. The Helm Toolbox does not have a web-based interface.

Download Now
Download: Helm Toolbox v2.0.43 (updated - does not perform licensing remote callbacks)
Licence Key: 0000-FREE-FREE-0000-28CC


  • Helm Control Panel version v3.1.20 and upwards

All products on this website are compatible and designed for Helm version 3 only, not Helm version 4; free downloads are unsupported and are no longer actively developed.