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Helm Toolbox: Features

Helm Toolbox is the first of its kind - aimed at Helm Administrators it provides tools and utilities to ease administration of Helm and servers. There is only one version of Helm Toolbox available and it includes all available features.


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Application Components
Config Application:
Changelog Application:
Scheduler Application:
General Tools
Support Tool:
DNS Management Tools
Add DNS Records:
Remove DNS Records:
Domain Management Tools
Move Domain:
Database Recreate:
Website Scripting:
Mass Domain Addition:
Application Isolation:
Domain Permissions Reset:
User Management Tools
Move User Tool:
Mass Email Tool:
Copy Settings Tool:
Plan Duplicator Tool:
User Suspension Tool:
Reseller Suspension Tool:
Extra Features Sync Tool:
User to Reseller Converter:
Export and Reporting Tools
CSV Export Tool:
Sage Export Tool:
HTML Folder Information:
XML Folder Information:
IIS Management Tools
Add Bindings Tool:
Remove Bindings Tool:
Replace Bindings Tool:
Duplicate Bindings Tool:
Local Server Tools
Local Server Tools:
Network Tools
Server Status Explorer:
Scheduled Tools
ASP.NET Client Files:
Automatic Suspension:
MailEnable Spam Filter:

All products on this website are compatible and designed for Helm version 3 only, not Helm version 4; free downloads are unsupported and are no longer actively developed.