Helm Extensions
Helm Extensions: Overview

Helm Extensions - made up of many additional features for your Helm control panel, such as newsletter support and temporary URL creation. Helm Extensions is a 3rd Party Development by PW New Media.


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Download: Helm Extensions - Full Install v1.1.3
Download: Upgrade to v1.1.3
Licence Key: 0000-FREE-FREE-0000-B944


  • Microsoft.NET Framework v1.1
  • Helm Control Panel version v3.1.20 and upwards
  • Helm Extensions disk space tracking will only work on versions of Helm before v3.2.12. In and after v3.1.12, Helm includes its own disk space tracking which can be used instead.

All products on this website are compatible and designed for Helm version 3 only, not Helm version 4; free downloads are unsupported and are no longer actively developed.